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ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT Coding Training

Your Medical Coding Career Opportunities

A warm welcome to Meditech's Medical Coding Training website, and thanks for your interest in what we offer. You can continue looking for your ICD-10 training solution all you like, but with us you will not do better in any meaningful decision-making area:

  • low cost
  • efficiency, speed, in getting you trained
  • comprehensive, in depth, multilayered training
  • ease, comprehension, simplicity & understanding
  • support from Day One to Certification
  • the best chance for Certification on the first try
  • our 40+ years of experience
Meditech's ICD-9/10 and CPT coding training provides the most effective way to become a Certified Coding Associate (CCA). The requirement to implement ICD-10 Coding is NOW, and those who understand it and know how to do it are ahead of the curve. Are you already an ICD 9 coder? Perfect. Jump in now and gain an edge in ICD-10 practical usage. We're the front runner for the new ICD-10 training, having put together the first complete course in written form, and we do offer ICD-10 training as a standalone course. If you're just setting out to learn the ICD diagnosis coding system, however, you will have to learn ICD-9 first, and the prerequisite for that is medical terminology. If you already have medical terminology in your toolbelt, even better. You can start right into the ICD-9 and -10 modules. We offer all three, in order, and they dovetail perfectly to give you a complete education in this highly specialized medical expertise niche.

It's important to note that one of the things which sets our course apart is that it includes CPT training, which is crucial for claims coding. You really can't have ICD training without CPT training. We'd also like you to know that if you acquire the Complete Coding Course we'll include free of charge a course on claims and billing called the Health Insurance Specialist Course.

The system is delivered to you on disk/s in e-book PDF format, and will prepare you for a career in the fast growing medical support services market. In addition to developing the professional skills necessary for accurate medical coding, you will also have the knowledge and experience to sit for the certification exams, including our own, which have been widely accepted. National Certification Services as well as AHIMA and AAPC offer testing. With approximately 450 hours of training, you will be ready to certify with any of them.

Although all of this is complex, we have made it simpler than any system out there. It's also fast and very affordable, with excellent financing options.

The Complete Coding Training Includes:

  • Medical Terminology I
  • Medical Terminology II - Dynamics of Medical Vocabulary & Word Structure
  • ICD-9 Specific - Comprehensive
  • Medical Coding Theory
  • Medical Coding Practicum 1: Applied Coding
  • You Code It: 600+ Patient Charts Both CPT & ICD
  • ICD-10 Specific - Comprehensive
  • Overview of Guidelines
  • Benefits of ICD-10-CM
  • Similarities and Differences ICD-9 and ICD-10
  • Additional changes in ICD-10
  • Section Organization
  • Conventions, General Coding Guidelines and Chapter Specific Guidelines
  • You Code It: 75 Patient Charts
  • Appendix - Entire HCFA Code List, Descriptions & Instructions
  • Health Insurance Specialist
  • Claims processing
  • Patient information
  • Coding of that information
  • Translating the codes to approved formats
  • Submission to payers
  • Insurance plans, private and government
  • Legislation and the laws impacting providers
  • Manage inappropriately paid claims
  • Preparation of the variables for the CMS-1500 claim form

Complete Coding Training - $899 / Get This - a savings of $58 over acquiring modules separately - and remember, this package includes the HIS (Health Insurance Specialist) course

Interested in Finance Options? Open this page.

And here's the highlight breakdown for ICD-10:

  • Introduction to ICD-10
  • How ICD-10 is different than ICD-9
  • Online alphabetic diagnostic look-ups and cross-references for both ICD-9 and 10
  • Tabular list and hierarchy
  • Crosswalk coding samples from the ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • You Code It section - over 600 patient records to code - equivalent to 6 months' experience
  • CCA Exam (or whatever certification you choose)
  • Convenient anytime, anywhere training

Low Rates & Self-Paced Training

We ask a low and fair rate because we carry no institutional overhead of any kind. You might wonder if a method without a room or teacher could be effective, and the truth is our trainees are as well prepared as any system out there, often even better. Meditech's coding training has proven consistenly and for decades that self-paced, train anytime-anywhere learning works better than any other method, including 2 years at a school with a teacher. Costs are far lower, the learning is faster and the retention higher. Colleges everywhere are now using methods similar to this. It is far more consistent with adult learning theory.

Or if you need to know more, please do read on, and we'll start with more on us.

Why Choose Us

Unlike so many vendors of courses out there, we have actually done professionally and commercially everything we teach. We pioneered outsourcing for medical transcription, coding and billing, with many innovations to our credit. Our clientele incuded hospitals and clinics, and many state government entities, all over the US. We typed millions of lines of transcription, coded thousands of charts, produced thousands of bills and sent them to virtually every insurance company in America. In 1996, we created the world's first fully online interactive medical transcription, coding and billing training courses. Add to that extensive experience medical office administration, patient information and management software development and utilization, and a broad background in the law. The programs were the benchmark of online education from 1995 and are still widely used by hundreds of schools throughout the world.

A Few Milestones

  • 2012 - First online training for the ICD-10 coding system
  • 2003 - First practical internships for trainees
  • 1996 - First online medical transcription training program on the Web
  • 1994 - First medical applications training courses on the Web
  • 1992 - First electronic file transmission to medical providers
  • 1990 - First transcription company to use PCs and word-processing software
  • 1989 - Developed TRIAGE Software for patient information and accounts receivable systems for Utah State
  • 1987 - First pilot program for Blue Cross and Medicare electronic claims/payment processing
  • 1985 - First to set up pilot program for outsourcing legal court hearing transcription
  • 1980 - Regional and National Coding Seminars
  • 1983 - Assisted and supported AAMT's emergence - chaired Utah/Idaho Chapters
  • 1979 - Coding/billing contract State of Utah Department of Health
  • 1972 - Partnered with IBM to create stroke counters for typewriters
  • 1969 - First transcription company to provide outsourcing for transcription, then coding and billing

Diagnosis Coding Overview

In the healthcare industry, ICD-9 codes have been used to identify and codify diagnoses for over 50 years. The codes are used for government mandated data as well as health insurance claim forms. If you are already a coder or want to become one, here is critical information for your career consideration.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. government have collaborated now for several years to modify and expand the ICD-9 codes to acquire badly needed additional data. Initially, the ICD-10 coding system was to be implemented in 2011, but the sheer magnitude of the changes and the number of codes has pushed the transition forward to this year, and recently Congress extended it yet another year, into 2015. The sheer volume of ICD-10 codes has providers scrambling for solutions (and yes, the change will require many more coders than the old ICD-9).

The changes are huge and most healthcare providers are literally stymied by what to do about the training and potential staffing needs. We've been highly touted experts in the diagnosis coding field for 35 years, and our courses have been available on the Web since 1994. Meditech helped providers weather the big change from RVS to CPT codes and know how to migrate successfully to the ICD-10 coding training process. In short, we're ready. The question is, are you?

Get the jump on...well, everyone, because the transition is happening now, but will gain serious momentum going into 2015. Our highest priority is to get you thoroughly trained and ready to go in this complex and prestigious field. Beat the deadline by getting started now! You'll be way ahead and already know how to do the new coding before anyone else does, which could translate to potent leverage, and wider horizons, in your career.

Maybe you're new to coding? If so and you want to know more, use the links under Coding Info above left and continue your preliminary education.

Thanks so much from Meditech's staff, and we hope to see you broadening your horizons soon.

-- Team Meditech